Beginnings of Endings and Endings of Beginnings

Taking a sabbatical has been about change. At the beginning, it was changing places all the time to climb in different areas with my partner. The second part has been about changing what I know, adding to and refining skills and learning new things.

Soon I’ll be back to work again. I say “soon” but it’s still three months away. I’m trying to be realistic about what I can get done in that amount of time. I can finish my writing project. I can finish the two online courses that interest me. I can sort through the things in my apartment as I take them out of storage and get rid of unnecessary things. That’s realistic.

I would still like to do a German immersion, a week or two, but there may not be time for it, and the writing is more important to me. What I’m writing (a science fiction story) is about a third finished. I know what I want to write about for the end, but I know that the characters are going to take me places that I can’t predict, so I need to leave room/time for that. I just want to finish it, you know?

The German can never be “finished” so it’s an unrealistic goal to say “I’ll be done some day”. There’s also a computer project to think about, but I’d rather not. I may just give up on that. The writing comes first. Finishing a novel has been on the queue list for over ten years, so that gets priority. And it’s fun.

All this to say, Foro and I are back in my home country again, my apartment is no longer rented out and I’ll be moving back into it early next week. It’s been soooo nice having most all of the things I need and want all in one place, like most normal people do…but that is soon to end and I’ll have to figure out what I want to keep at my partner’s place, and what I’ll move back.

Foro is ready to go, I think. He’s had some adventures over the last year, but he’s still here to keep me company.

The neighbors
Foro helping me with my German homework

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