It's been a rainy summer where I live, but for the moment there are advantages to that. I went for a walk with a friend last week, and I made a list of all the advantages of walking in the rain. you save on suntan lotionyou don't see too many other people. Like, no other... Continue Reading →


I haven't been writing lately, which is often the case when I can't find anything positive to say. This page is only about being positive. Foro, my little stuffed cow, is about allowing myself to be childlike and to see the world with hope and love. Sometimes it's harder to do than others. I was... Continue Reading →


My end-of-school-year was weird, because everyone's end of school year is weird in the world of COVID-19. My work just seemed to float off into nothingness. There were end of year get-togethers with a few colleagues, but nothing is normal and it feels really strange. I function really well with "normal" and not very well... Continue Reading →

Chinese Man

There was a funny story I heard once. A man was traveling with a friend in China, and he got up from his cherished seat on a long, long train ride (more than a few hours) for an elderly gentlemen to sit down. His Chinese friend was furious. "Why did you get up? You had... Continue Reading →

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