Cow Hugger

Foro has changed my life, simply because I let myself be silly and stupid and immature and have a stuffed animal again, like I was a kid. It's good for me not to take myself too seriously. Some of you have read my earlier posts, and in them I described adopting a real cow (who... Continue Reading →

To nap or not to nap

I hate when I don't do anything in particular with my summer vacations from teaching, so I usually organize things. So I'm studying German again this summer, and my capacity in this language is getting better and better. The problem is that I never had that catch-up-sleep-as-much-as-you-want time that should begin any vacation worthy of... Continue Reading →

Foro’s Life Hacks

Here are 5 things to help you reduce stress Schedule things: we get stressed when we can't finish things we've started, simply because they're going to take more time than we can manage in one sitting. When you get as far as you can get with something, schedule time to finish the rest. Be realistic,... Continue Reading →


So funerals have been closed to those outside of the family, but for a while, it wasn't possible to buy a sympathy card because it wasn't considered to be "essential". I wasn't sure how to deal with that, as I don't draw very well, so I snuck one out from under the tape and paid... Continue Reading →

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