Vaccing Eloquent

The jabs are coming! Long live the jabbed! It's slower in some places than others, but think about this; this time last year, we didn't know how dangerous this COVID-19 virus was going to be. Many places shut down in a panic, and there were those images of the Milan area in Italy, with people... Continue Reading →

A Cow’s Life

I know that we're supposed to only think about people, people's health and safety, the economy, and so forth. I have to say that I'm honestly a bit tired of people sometimes. There are just so many of us, and so many of us are not "reasonable". That a whole other story, and I'm not... Continue Reading →

Needs Wants

I asked him what he was looking at. "There was a guy deported back to Iran from Great Britain. He was killed back there. And you?" "Goats with sweaters" I said, and showed him my Instragram feed. Where there was a goat with a sweater. My feed is mostly goats, miniature Highland cows and bird... Continue Reading →

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