The Foro at the End of the Rainbow

I didn’t take the best pictures of the beautiful rainbow that Foro and I enjoyed just before my yoga class. Regenbogen I don’t believe in ‘signs’ but I do think that when nice things happen, we should be conscious and grateful for them. My yoga class is a bunch of really kind people who enrich... Continue Reading →

On The Road

Foro has a nice place to travel in my car: on the passenger seat perched up high, where he can see everything. An angel at my shoulder (if I'm not driving), as opposed to An Angel at My Table. (How long has it been since I've thought of Janet Frame? Geesh is she great. Someone... Continue Reading →

Of Corse

Foro, Corsican in his soul Corsican Flag Many cows live in liberty in Corsica. Cow and calf relaxing in the forest They can go to the beach, have friends, stay with their children in the wild. It's a better place to be a cow. Foro supports cow freedom in Corsica. The FNLC also stands for... Continue Reading →

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