A Twitcher’s Delight

One morning while walking along a path, I saw a bird. It was on the ground, and was colorful like a pheasant but didn’t walk like one (that strutting, chicken like walk). When it flew off, it gave an explosion of color, a hoopoe!!! I’d never seen one before and had no idea what a... Continue Reading →

Little lists

Things that have made me happy in the last two days: 1) watching adults eat ice cream. 2) watching kids play in the water 3) tasting new eau de vies with my partner ( 2 sorts of génépi) 4) jumping into three different lakes in three days to swim 5) spending at least an hour... Continue Reading →

It’s Raining Again

It wasn't a great song (Supertramp, in case you were wondering), and it isn't a great way to spend a summer holiday. And it is raining again, as it has been all summer here. At least I got away from it for a bit. Foro and I are just hanging out, digesting the trip we... Continue Reading →

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