Irony-itis Aigu

If you can't say something nice…..don't say anything at all. Which is why I didn't write anything for a week. I couldn't think of anything positive to say. Corona is depressing. Politics are depressing. A world of people in their own, private rabbit holes reading only information that confirms what they already believe is depressing.... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

I have so many wishes for the next year! But it always comes down to the same wish I've made on my birthday candles for many years: health and happiness for me and all the ones I love. (Now that I've written my wish, does that mean it won't come true?) Maybe Foro should say... Continue Reading →

Love is in the Air

My friend asked me if it was weird to listen to her neighbors having an orgasm on a Sunday morning. But of course not! Make love, not war. Make love not CO2. Make love and walk around in a kind of post-coital blissful kind of way. If there were more people out there happily making... Continue Reading →

Cow Hugger

Foro has changed my life, simply because I let myself be silly and stupid and immature and have a stuffed animal again, like I was a kid. It's good for me not to take myself too seriously. Some of you have read my earlier posts, and in them I described adopting a real cow (who... Continue Reading →

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