Positivity has its Limits

So I'm an "up" kind of person, sometimes because I really am up, but not always. It's work sometimes. I work at being up, seeing the bright side of things. A glass half full kind of girl (because I consciously choose which words to use). I think I'm actually a bit depressive by nature, and... Continue Reading →

The Neighbor Ladies

I had a whiny post started, but deleted it. This is the holidays! No time for whining! So I got rid of the post and went for a walk with Foro, who met the ladies who live next door: Foro and the neighbor ladies! He enjoyed our walk, and I did, too. It was warm... Continue Reading →


I had a whole post that just went "whoosh!" and disappeared! Starting over! As some of you who've read this blog for a while know, I have a stuffed cow who was supposed to be a present for my students during a senior year school trip. However, they were so awful that we came home... Continue Reading →

A Cow in Every Port

I have to fess up to something. Sometimes when I'm photographing Foro for the blog, it's actually someone else. I now have three Foros. Actually, one original Foro (who is, of course, the cutest) but two that I call "Forina" and one that my partner calls "Loco". If you count that, that's actually four stuffed... Continue Reading →

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