Until I am not

My father is ill, and the idea of losing him makes me wonder about my place in the world. However here’s the thing; I’ve realized that I don’t believe I have a place in the world, other than the fact that I am here and I’ve created one. I don’t belong here, in the sense... Continue Reading →

How would you rate this call?

My Dad has prostate cancer. It has just been discovered and has metastasized to his pelvic bones. He's in his nineties. As my friend says, prostate cancer (for a whole lot of men) is sort of like gray hair; they're all going to get it sometime. On the good side, he has no pain. He... Continue Reading →

So not dead…

A nice near miss this week: I took out my bike for the first time in a few weeks. The front tire was a bit low, but there’s a pump at work. I wobble my way there, park my bike and BJING! The tire explodes. Parked. At work. Not in the middle of traffic. Not... Continue Reading →

To Err is Human, to Forgive, Bovine

There’s a saying that the easiest way to find typos and mistakes is to hit ‘send’. This year I’ve been cumulating mistakes, but for the most part no one has noticed. I sent out the curriculum to my students, except, well, it’s just not all that correct. I sent an email with info for the... Continue Reading →

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