Death by Social Media

The title probably appears intriguing, but it's likely a bit misleading. Social media might be responsible for deaths (as in people being harassed on-line and committing suicide), but in this case this post is about an old acquaintance announcing the death of her child with social media. She's lives far away from her family, and... Continue Reading →

Nothing to Write Home About

I planned well, I suppose. I finished the yoga retreat in Spain and left myself a week before heading to the States to visit my family. A whole week just to chill and "get things done" (in sabbatical terms.) Like I went to the osteopath to do something about my stiff neck. I'll go to... Continue Reading →

Yoga Teacher Training

This is the last day of an intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training in Alicante, Spain, which started for me in early March. There’s both a lot to say, and not much. It was difficult for me sometimes. It is intensive. At age 54, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate all day long, and there... Continue Reading →


I’m on my way with Foro to a yoga teacher training in Alicante. It starts Monday. I left early because I needed to take trains, and more importantly needed to make connections in France, and in the past that hasn’t always worked out so well. The result is that I’ve just spent a truly wonderful... Continue Reading →

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