It's decided; I'm going to take a sabbatical year, unpaid. Doing this a possibility in my school system. Once every ten years, you have the possibility to take time off -- from two weeks to one full year, unpaid -- and more or less have your job back at the end. More or less, because... Continue Reading →


I've been having one of those weeks that all the little things work and I don't know why. I had a package to be delivered (that I had to sign for) on Monday and came home just as the delivery guy was in front of my building. Last night I went bowling with my students.... Continue Reading →


I had a dream that I was in a hotel somewhere, on a mountain. I wanted to go from the main area, where there was the reception and a restaurant, to where the rooms were, and it involved going outside passing over a small creek. It was raining like crazy. In my dream, the creek... Continue Reading →

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