New Year’s List

I want so many things this year! These are in no particular order (hence a bullet list, and not a numbered one). I'd like to: go have a coffee in town (any town) on a sidewalk café and people watchgo to the beach (i.e. travel, since I don't live by a beach)go see a circus,... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

I have so many wishes for the next year! But it always comes down to the same wish I've made on my birthday candles for many years: health and happiness for me and all the ones I love. (Now that I've written my wish, does that mean it won't come true?) Maybe Foro should say... Continue Reading →

Needs Wants

I asked him what he was looking at. "There was a guy deported back to Iran from Great Britain. He was killed back there. And you?" "Goats with sweaters" I said, and showed him my Instragram feed. Where there was a goat with a sweater. My feed is mostly goats, miniature Highland cows and bird... Continue Reading →

Negative is Positive

My partner tested negative for COVID-19, so we can see each other this weekend! I'm so happy! I ran out and stuffed the fridge full of food (it's his turn to visit me). The weather is supposed to be awful, but some things are opening up from COVID restrictions before Christmas. We can go to... Continue Reading →

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