Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?

In the town where I work there are as many new restaurants and cafés as ones who have closed during pandemic times. I tried out a new TexMex place and ordered a quesadilla. The woman asked me what I wanted on it, and when I replied "Nothing", she called back "One cheese quesadilla!" (As opposed... Continue Reading →

Green Things

Spring has finally worked its way up my hill, and it's beautiful. I live quite high up, (around 4,400 ft or 1350 meters). While it's been full of flowers down in the valley for a few months already, the mountain flowers just coming out, at least at my height. The true, higher-up mountain pastures are... Continue Reading →

House of Cards

Today (as in "our times" and not the place squashed between yesterday and tomorrow) we watch power struggles and suffer the consequences. Last week my colleagues and I witnessed a power struggle at work. Since Corona showed up, it's been difficult in my school, for obvious reasons. I mean, on-line learning is perfectly possible to... Continue Reading →

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