Positivity has its Limits

So I'm an "up" kind of person, sometimes because I really am up, but not always. It's work sometimes. I work at being up, seeing the bright side of things. A glass half full kind of girl (because I consciously choose which words to use). I think I'm actually a bit depressive by nature, and... Continue Reading →


Life changes when the weather is good. There are nice things about bad weather, I'll admit; they're a good excuse to stay in and read, take baths, call friends or play games, and you can always convince yourself that nature needs rain. I can also really get into a walk in a rainy woods, or... Continue Reading →

Danger is Relative (Omicron humor)

Here's my joke for the week: "So I had a really scary experience last week." "Were you climbing again? Back country skiing? Mountain biking?" "Yes, but that wasn't what was dangerous. I went out to eat in a restaurant" Omicron is everywhere, but could it be the light at the end of the tunnel? It... Continue Reading →


There are too many things I want to do right now, and only one of them is work. I want to learn to make fun stuff with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I want to learn German (or get further along than I am at the moment). I want to write (I have an idea for... Continue Reading →

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