I tend to collect certain things and keep them forever, like nice people. I went to see one of those lovely friends in my collection. I've known him for forty years, but haven't seen him since 2020 because of COVID. It was great. I really like his partner a lot, and their kid (who I... Continue Reading →


It was the kind of weekend that sounds good on paper, except we screwed up a bit. Foro was not with us, because this was a haul-a-lot-of-stuff up the mountain weekend. Every gram counted, and cute was not part of the plan. We walked up and did a not-so-difficult but impressive climb. For once I... Continue Reading →

Climbing Decline

Here I'm using "decline" as an antonym of "incline". When I climb on an incline (slab climbing) I don't have to expend very much energy. I use my legs mostly, which use our strongest muscles in the legs and rear end. With slab climbing, the easy climbs are kind of like walking, with the hands... Continue Reading →

Positivity Has its Limits

Today, Monday, I should have been starting a 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training. I've been planning this since last November but....I tested positive for COVID. I don't feel the least bit sick, a bit tired maybe, but that's all. I'll do another PCR test tomorrow but for the moment that ship has sailed. I... Continue Reading →

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