My Smart Friend

How I think of a woman from my book club: 1) a doctor 2) married with twin daughters (the twin thing always impresses me. Baby care *2 sounds just so overwhelming) 3) also the mother of a 14 year old son who's going to be a cool young man 4) English 5) of Indian origins,... Continue Reading →

Freddy Mercury

Foro is good at certain yoga positions, asanas I guess their called. He's less good at the philosophy of yoga, which requires a belief in the eternal. The only thing that is "eternal", according him, is how adorable he is, and Freddy Mercury.... There is one thing that Foro is sure of though, and that... Continue Reading →

Plugs from Foro #1

Sometimes melodies get stuck in your head.  You can see them in there, rattling around. Yesterday, Doris Day died. Foro never was really a fan, until one day on the radio he heard a song of hers.  The voice sounded familiar, so he looked it up.  She released an album in 2011.  It was great. ... Continue Reading →

Foro has a question

So, I have a lot of time to think, and read. Lots of books hanging around the house, some more or less interesting than others. She has some good taste, my friend (a Sandman omnibus, some Marianne Moore, and a lot of Graham Greene. She has the Harry Potter series, too, but she tends to... Continue Reading →

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