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Foro and I are on the road today. We're on the train to where I work, for: lunch with a colleague, a meeting with the director, and the annual end of school year meeting. Then Foro and I'll go to my partner's place. I think this is the most enjoyable part of the sabbatical (or... Continue Reading →

Foro is my Copilot

On the road again with Foro and.... ...we are home! It's about a three and a half hour drive from my partner's place to mine. We had a nice trip. I'd rented my apartment for the last few months and I finally took possession again today. The changes have been... interesting? I seem to have... Continue Reading →

A Meeting of Like Minds

This post is dedicated to Twenty. Foro came about independently (when my partner wrote "Foro" instead of "foto" in German, and I wondered if it was a female toro? Which Foro sort of is....not an anatomically correct cow in any way!) However if you play around with numbers, Twenty and "4-O" or "Forty", there is... Continue Reading →

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