Indian Summer

One of the things I love about this blog is the occasion to learn and share new things, so this time it's about Indian summer. The last week has been wonderful, quite cool but crisp with great visibility in the mountains. I was able to hike and climb, and one of the climbs was called... Continue Reading →


The origin of the word "vaccination" came from the word for cows (one more reason to love Foro...) Please note, while some of you are being precious and refusing to be vaccinated for COVID-19, that we eliminated smallpox in the world (which killed around 30% of those who contracted it) with a vaccine. This from... Continue Reading →


I've been having one of those weeks that all the little things work and I don't know why. I had a package to be delivered (that I had to sign for) on Monday and came home just as the delivery guy was in front of my building. Last night I went bowling with my students.... Continue Reading →

The Jury is Still Out

I'm not sure about the "karma" on this one. I'm turning gray. It's kind of pretty sometimes. I'm getting the sort of streaks that I admired in my step-mother, starting at the crown of my head and going under by my ears. Her graying was beautiful. Mine is okay. Sometimes I like to back it... Continue Reading →

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