I've made a priority to try to see friends in the last few weeks: a photographer who I used to climb with a lot, another woman who has become a mountain guide (and is now pregnant), my beautiful Argentinian friend who is a walking smile, my roommate (who is getting used to the idea of... Continue Reading →

It kind of works

I've been trying to not be flipped out about knowing more precisely how (if not when) I'm going to lose my dad. Because it's that: I knew all along that statistically speaking, he was going to die 1) before me 2) sooner rather than later, and that all that is completely normal. Now we know... Continue Reading →

Until I am not

My father is ill, and the idea of losing him makes me wonder about my place in the world. However here’s the thing; I’ve realized that I don’t believe I have a place in the world, other than the fact that I am here and I’ve created one. I don’t belong here, in the sense... Continue Reading →

How would you rate this call?

My Dad has prostate cancer. It has just been discovered and has metastasized to his pelvic bones. He's in his nineties. As my friend says, prostate cancer (for a whole lot of men) is sort of like gray hair; they're all going to get it sometime. On the good side, he has no pain. He... Continue Reading →

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