Christmas Spirit

It's the final countdown to the shortest day of the year. The only thing that should make up for this is Christmas, which is a time of giving, and caring, and stress.... why I'm stressed is anyone's guess. There is nothing more than the usual, but maybe I'm just needing a break from it? But... Continue Reading →

20th Century Cow

Well, she's fashionably lean And she's fashionably late  (Today there was a tree down on the little train line up to my village. I had to hitchhike down to the town down below where the main train runs, me and a guy from Moldavia who also needed to get down for his driving exam. We got... Continue Reading →

Global Weirding

It's had several iterations: global warming, climate change and so forth. One of the terms I liked was "global weirding". Things are just changing, faster than they should, with floods in one place, heat waves in another, droughts in others. I liked the term "global weirding" to explain all the odd weather events that have... Continue Reading →


This was the name of the film I saw last night, about bringing meditation to the classroom. As a film, it was only okay: a bit repetitive. There were many different classrooms and learning situations (a juvenile detention facility, a school in a poor neighborhood, a private school, a service offered for homeless kids and... Continue Reading →

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