Karma Confusion

I know that in the west we have a different idea of karma. The original idea, as far as I've learned, has to do with the relation between our past lives and our present one. I will certainly put the wrong words to this, but I believe the idea is that we 'pay' for our... Continue Reading →

The Ache

It doesn't really work, traveling. Yes I get to see my friends and family, but it just means I have to leave them. And the whole time I'm visiting, I miss home, my boyfriend, my friends, the mountains and Foro. I got to see (in order): my father, my step-mother, my favorite friend from when... Continue Reading →


I'm visiting my family and for some reason, even though it would have been wonderful to have Foro with me, I was afraid of losing him so he stayed home. I did wind up buying him a small gift: Miniature cow bell for a stuffed cow. I don't know what is more ridiculous; being too... Continue Reading →

Spread the Love

My first serious boyfriend just died. He was quite literally a waste of space. I went out with him when you could still believe someone is going to grow up and do something with their lives, but he never did. I don't remember what we talked about (we must have talked?) or what we liked... Continue Reading →

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