To Smoke or not to Be

My friend (and ex-husband) had an operation this week. He had a black spot in his lungs and the surgeon went in and chopped out part of a lobe. When the black part was tested, it was cancer. The operation apparently went well and he won't need chemotherapy, or at least not yet. Just for... Continue Reading →


My goal today is notice beautiful things. It snowed last night, and there's little flurries coming down from time to time. The sun peeks out from time to time and everything is WHITE!! It is beautiful. There was a bird on the tree (I kid you not, it's called a great tit (Parus major) (to... Continue Reading →

Goodness Me

This is another post about Corona life. I'm tired of COVID-19, but apparently it's not tired of us yet. If there were an Academy Award for viruses, all the other viruses would be complaining that COVID keeps winning everything. "And again, virus of the year, COVID-19!" and all the other viruses grumble in a corner,... Continue Reading →

Help is On the Way

Today was frustrating, to say the least. I'm taking computer courses. This I need to put into context. I'm 52 years old, I already have a profession that I enjoy, and I don't need to be doing this. But I am. This particular course is about how computer languages are structured and it's being taught... Continue Reading →

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