A Meeting of Like Minds

This post is dedicated to Twenty. Foro came about independently (when my partner wrote “Foro” instead of “foto” in German, and I wondered if it was a female toro? Which Foro sort of is….not an anatomically correct cow in any way!) However if you play around with numbers, Twenty and “4-O” or “Forty”, there is a correlation.

Twenty and Foro met yesterday for the first time. Twenty’s roommate is my old friend from http://myfavoritesheep.blogspot.com She’s been writing about the adventures of Twenty for many, many years, and we got to visit her farm yesterday.

I still can’t believe that I’ve known this woman for so long and that she became someone so cool. I mean, I met her when we were both pretty unconscious, that ten, eleven year old world of understanding everything but in a way that’s often weird or wrong.

She is also the origin of Foro’s sweater, which came from one of her sheep. She has mastered the art of washing, carding and making wool to knit from her own sheep, which is a pretty awesome skill set.

My friend has a wonderful life. It was interesting to experience her pace, which is not a city person’s rhythm. She sees things, and watches things, and enjoys where she is and how she lives. She has projects that she wants to do and enjoys, and she makes time for them. When life intervenes (there was a death in the family recently, which usually involves a lot of upheaval), it’s tiring, but her life is such that she can work her way through it, taking the time that’s needed. It was beautiful to see. She also made time to see me, which I truly appreciate. And she totally understood that there should be a photo op for Twenty and Foro! So this is a best of from the photo shoot:

Twenty, Foro and I think Maisie? My friend knows her sheep but I’m not so sure!
I believe the addition here is Jared. If it is, he is soooooo gentle and personable! He just wants to be scratched and petted.
Sheep rides!
A meeting of like minds

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