Travel Cow

‘Where do you live?’ seems to be such a simple question. My address is in my mountain village, where I bought two apartments; the one I rent, and the one I live in. My books are there. My tax information is there. This is the one that I am responsible for cleaning. My favorite toothbrush... Continue Reading →

On The Road

Foro has a nice place to travel in my car: on the passenger seat perched up high, where he can see everything. An angel at my shoulder (if I'm not driving), as opposed to An Angel at My Table. (How long has it been since I've thought of Janet Frame? Geesh is she great. Someone... Continue Reading →


It's been nice to spend days and days outside, hiking or climbing by day and sleeping in the tent at night. I've become unattached, and happier. Foro and I have just been chilling out today. I finished prepping a class for the school year (finally!) and now I can just read.

Happiness for Thieves

Foro’s been on watch-cow duty all week in the tent. It’s been too hot to move; any thieves would be easy for Foro to take care of. Two minutes of his mesmerizing cuteness and they would be found asleep on the inflatable mattress, found out like Goldilocks. ‘This cow was just right’ they say, as... Continue Reading →

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