We’re on the move again! Last week I had the flu. It also became rainy and colder, and my days were spent in a feverish mix of sleeping and waking. On the one hand, it was nice to be sick and not to have to work through it. On the other, I lost my sense... Continue Reading →

Foro goes a-wandering: Bern

I started writing a blog because I had no one to talk to about my divorce, and life was crazy and confusing. It helped. I archived the site and saved the posts on my personal computer, but they are no longer available. That iteration was completely anonymous. Then I started writing with Foro, my little... Continue Reading →

Traveling Cow

Foro is packed up and waiting in the car for us. We're going south, in my own country, to meet up with friends. The amazing thing is that it's my friends! I had a group of around four good friends in high school. Each individual one of us had their own five or six friends,... Continue Reading →

Travel Cow

‘Where do you live?’ seems to be such a simple question. My address is in my mountain village, where I bought two apartments; the one I rent, and the one I live in. My books are there. My tax information is there. This is the one that I am responsible for cleaning. My favorite toothbrush... Continue Reading →

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