Foro is my Copilot

On the road again with Foro and.... ...we are home! It's about a three and a half hour drive from my partner's place to mine. We had a nice trip. I'd rented my apartment for the last few months and I finally took possession again today. The changes have been... interesting? I seem to have... Continue Reading →

I Survived the 405

I'm visiting my family in the States. The first stop is the LA area where my friends live, but I've also got family further south in Orange County. Driving down to see them was insane. The highway has eight lanes, just going south, so it's a sixteen lane highway, and people pass left, right and... Continue Reading →

Traveling on Tuesdays

Tuesday seems to be the day of cheaper tickets. This is something that I can only take advantage of while on sabbatical, but it might be something to remember for when I retire? I’m starting to have an idea of post-retirement work/projects. Now that I’ve finished the yoga teacher training, I’d like to add a... Continue Reading →


I’m on my way with Foro to a yoga teacher training in Alicante. It starts Monday. I left early because I needed to take trains, and more importantly needed to make connections in France, and in the past that hasn’t always worked out so well. The result is that I’ve just spent a truly wonderful... Continue Reading →

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