Yoga Teacher Training

This is the last day of an intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training in Alicante, Spain, which started for me in early March. There’s both a lot to say, and not much. It was difficult for me sometimes. It is intensive. At age 54, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate all day long, and there... Continue Reading →


I tend to collect certain things and keep them forever, like nice people. I went to see one of those lovely friends in my collection. I've known him for forty years, but haven't seen him since 2020 because of COVID. It was great. I really like his partner a lot, and their kid (who I... Continue Reading →


I never thought about the word "resolution". As my cousin says, "If only there were a tool that would tell us this?" (and then pulls out his smartphone). I found this excellent summary: The Etymology of "Resolution" by a Jess Zafarris. She writes that " 'Resolution' is from the Latin solvere 'to loosen, release, explain.'... Continue Reading →

La Dolce Vita

Foro is on vacation with old friends. Life is beautiful. We’re playing card games at night, and visiting places during the day. It rains enough that sometimes we can just stay in bed, but not so much that we feel stir crazy. For a few moments, we can forget Corona (although I keep a mask... Continue Reading →

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