Worstest Hits

We are finally leaving Morocco, but until I'm on the ferry and the ferry has left the port, I'm not counting on anything. The country might still want to hurt me. We are in the waiting room at the port in Tanger. Here's a thing about traveling by ferry when you don't have a car.... Continue Reading →

Bolt it and They Will Come

This is an old post from November that apparently never got published: We're starting part II of the sabbatical. This is still my partner's portion; he's taking six months, and I've taken off a whole year, so he gets dibs. The first part was more or less living out of my Honda Jazz, and a... Continue Reading →

The Flood

This is also an old post from Greece that apparently never loaded: Last night it rained so hard there were animals walking around in pairs asking if anyone knew a guy named Noah? It was fierce and heavy, then just heavy, then became occasional spitting showers as the sun came up. There will be no... Continue Reading →

Second World

My Chilean friend explained to me his idea of what a "second world" country is. He used this example: in Chile, they use an electrical grid whose idea comes from Spain. In Spain, the grid is centralized in Madrid. There, it makes sense because Madrid is pretty central to the country. This copied idea works... Continue Reading →

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