Chinese Man

There was a funny story I heard once. A man was traveling with a friend in China, and he got up from his cherished seat on a long, long train ride (more than a few hours) for an elderly gentlemen to sit down. His Chinese friend was furious. "Why did you get up? You had... Continue Reading →

And other people die

My friend died a few days ago. I don't think it was a COVID death, but people die anyway of other things. Apparently she had a cough but had been feeling better. She was a very young 70ish. I can't believe she's gone. But when I write here, I need to make sure that every... Continue Reading →

Working at Home

There is this part of working at home that some of my students don't really get. There's that word "working". (My real question is, how can I be so irritated with my students even when I don't see them?) One girl has had homework to do since April 2nd. I've sent her four emails and... Continue Reading →

Imagine (That)

"The world's gone crazy" some have been saying. We've stopped the big economies of the world in order to save lives, and I'm surprised. Honestly and truly surprised. Why did I think no one cared? We haven't considered changing hardly anything to help the environment, and climate change seems just as dangerous. I'm convinced that... Continue Reading →

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