My end-of-school-year was weird, because everyone's end of school year is weird in the world of COVID-19. My work just seemed to float off into nothingness. There were end of year get-togethers with a few colleagues, but nothing is normal and it feels really strange. I function really well with "normal" and not very well... Continue Reading →

The Bionic Woman

I used to love that show. And Wonder Woman. And I loved the movie of Tank Girl. And I succumbed to a Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure. The doll doesn't have many movable parts for an action figure, but since RBG is pushing her late eighties, I think it's probably quite realistic. I like strong... Continue Reading →

Lean On Me

Been watching the news, and the discussions of race in the US and elsewhere. At some point in Washington D.C., there was a performer singing "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers. He stopped singing, and the crowd went along singing without him. I realized that I knew all the words and I could have joined... Continue Reading →

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