Yoga Teacher Training

This is the last day of an intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training in Alicante, Spain, which started for me in early March. There’s both a lot to say, and not much. It was difficult for me sometimes. It is intensive. At age 54, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate all day long, and there... Continue Reading →


Just watching the clouds go by. There's rain falling in the valley just across from me. It rained a bit here before. I'm just sitting on my balcony. I reached the work goal that I set out for myself today and now it's time just to sit and listen to the crickets. It would be... Continue Reading →


Life changes when the weather is good. There are nice things about bad weather, I'll admit; they're a good excuse to stay in and read, take baths, call friends or play games, and you can always convince yourself that nature needs rain. I can also really get into a walk in a rainy woods, or... Continue Reading →

Negative is Positive

My partner tested negative for COVID-19, so we can see each other this weekend! I'm so happy! I ran out and stuffed the fridge full of food (it's his turn to visit me). The weather is supposed to be awful, but some things are opening up from COVID restrictions before Christmas. We can go to... Continue Reading →

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