Mr. Rogers

This week, the week my father died, was more about family than I would have imagined. He didn't want a ceremony so there was no official “good-bye”. I'll have to do that on my own, later, in private. However, I did have the chance to make it about family. I saw a lot of people... Continue Reading →


Flossie is the name of a cow in a US cartoon strip in the 1930's. She was famously clothed at some point because censors thought that udders were too suggestive. Suggestive of what, of course, is up for discussion. Cheese? The name "Flossie" sounds so odd to me. I don't know where it came from.... Continue Reading →


Not being sick is the wealth of healthy people, who forget how much their health is tied to their happiness. This is certainly my greatest "sin"; not appreciating the excellent health that I have most of the time. You don't miss your water, 'til your well's run dry... I only have the flu, and I... Continue Reading →

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