The Sound of My Heart Breaking

Who can think of anything else at the moment but THE BUG? Covid-19. Coronavirus. I look at the statistics in the morning, and watch the US climb by a hundred deaths a day. David Sedaris once wrote that in the US, Americans were taught to think "We're number 1!" without ever thinking that no other... Continue Reading →

And what I don't like about COVID life

The absolute worst thing about this situation, for me personally, is that I worry for my friends and family. My step-sister is a nurse in hospital in the US, and from what I've read, they are scarily unprepared there. Not enough masks, not enough beds. I'm scared about the situation there, but I want so... Continue Reading →

Foro Fever

After this quarantine is over, Foro is going to get a bath.... I've just spent the day in bed with a fever and a slight cough. Finger's crossed that it doesn't get worse. Where I live, we're not overwhelmed but this is not the moment to be avant-guardist! I've realized that the whole "flattening the... Continue Reading →

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