We've been on a roll, since coming down from the Dolomites. On the last climb up in the Dols (Punte Wundt) I looked over to the right and realized that there were icicles in the route, it was that cold. It was time to leave! Here's the count since we arrived in Arco: 1.Parete San... Continue Reading →

Hell Hath No Fury

I haven't written anything since the bivouac. A night out on the side of a mountain has a price for people our age. I'm 54 and my partner 61, and it's not an easy thing to do and recuperate from. We were tired. We were cranky. We needed time. There were some other effects, too.... Continue Reading →

Fifteen(ish) Star Lodgings

That's about how many stars we saw last night....while sitting on the side of a mountain unable to find the way down in the dark. It's September. Nights are relatively long at the moment. We had no bivouac gear. Get the idea? We went up to the beautiful Toni Demetz Hütte. You don't even have... Continue Reading →

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