I know why the caged cow smells…

The name of the rose is.....Foro 'Does a cow smell?' This is confusing; can a cow smell something or does a cow smell of something? "Of course they do" for both questions; cows have pretty big noses for smelling things and everything smells of something, even if the odor is ever so faint. But "Do... Continue Reading →

The Heat Wave

Foro not only stays cool, he is cool. The world is too hot where I live. That is to say, it's hotter than it's been before, and hotter than it "should" be. There‘s only one good way to deal with it and that’s not to fight it. Mad dogs and Englishmen, and all that. Foro... Continue Reading →

Karma Confusion

I know that in the west we have a different idea of karma. The original idea, as far as I've learned, has to do with the relation between our past lives and our present one. I will certainly put the wrong words to this, but I believe the idea is that we 'pay' for our... Continue Reading →

The Ache

It doesn't really work, traveling. Yes I get to see my friends and family, but it just means I have to leave them. And the whole time I'm visiting, I miss home, my boyfriend, my friends, the mountains and Foro. I got to see (in order): my father, my step-mother, my favorite friend from when... Continue Reading →

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