Worstest Hits

We are finally leaving Morocco, but until I'm on the ferry and the ferry has left the port, I'm not counting on anything. The country might still want to hurt me. We are in the waiting room at the port in Tanger. Here's a thing about traveling by ferry when you don't have a car.... Continue Reading →

Watch, Listen and Ask Questions

There are many ways to travel. You can take everything with you and leave nothing behind, or you can leave little pieces of yourself as you go, add new things, and find yourself in a new place at the end. Foro was left in Marrakech. My friend who is organizing our trek has arranged for... Continue Reading →

Hell Hath No Fury

I haven't written anything since the bivouac. A night out on the side of a mountain has a price for people our age. I'm 54 and my partner 61, and it's not an easy thing to do and recuperate from. We were tired. We were cranky. We needed time. There were some other effects, too.... Continue Reading →

People in Glass Houses

I was sitting on the train, trying to work. I work well on the train. I stare off into space from time to time, but for the most part I get a lot done....except when someone is talking loudly, or listening to music without headphones (yes, some people do that). This woman started by the... Continue Reading →

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