Since last Friday, mask mandates are gone where I live, except on public transportation, medical facilities and a few other exceptions. I'm going to see my student's faces for the first time tomorrow! In my sports classes, the kids didn't have to wear masks. One kid I'd had earlier in an English class for an... Continue Reading →

Time (and time again)

It's a wonderful thing to have time, but no one really does. If you think about how short life is, how few times you will do the things you love, or see the ones who matter most to you, it seems like those things are always around until they're not. Time has changed for me... Continue Reading →


Okay, I was looking for a joke, and found something else. We were in a place called ‘Flums’ today, and I was wondering, you know, if some farmer had working cows there, that would make them flummoxen, right? Or maybe that would only work if he was confused about having cows. So I had to... Continue Reading →

Things I learned while in Quarantine

I'm going back to my life tomorrow. I'm a bit stressed because even though the health authorities have informed me that I can, should, and have to back to work, my self-tests are still coming up positive. I'll do another before leaving in the morning, but I'm worried about passing COVID on to someone. They've... Continue Reading →

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