Be in with the In-Crowd!

I know what I want to do for a New Year resolution! I want to try to do something kind every single day of 2021. It can be something small, like over-tipping (if we ever get to eat out again), or something bigger, like volunteering time or going to see my friend who lost his... Continue Reading →


I never thought about the word "resolution". As my cousin says, "If only there were a tool that would tell us this?" (and then pulls out his smartphone). I found this excellent summary: The Etymology of "Resolution" by a Jess Zafarris. She writes that " 'Resolution' is from the Latin solvere 'to loosen, release, explain.'... Continue Reading →

Don’t be Afraid

My school was in a "temporary" building that had been there since the 1950's. It was finally rebuilt in 2008. The old building had its charm, however, because the kids decorated the outside with art projects (officially) and graffiti (unofficially). My favorite was on the wall just as you approached the school: happiness is only... Continue Reading →

Imagine (That)

"The world's gone crazy" some have been saying. We've stopped the big economies of the world in order to save lives, and I'm surprised. Honestly and truly surprised. Why did I think no one cared? We haven't considered changing hardly anything to help the environment, and climate change seems just as dangerous. I'm convinced that... Continue Reading →

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