Umbrellas and Cows

There's a Handsome Family song that I love: "Everything that Rises Must Converge". The title is also a Flannery O'Connor story (and the name of a collection of stories), which I read recently and also loved. This title was borrowed originally from another writer, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. This from Wikipedia "The title Everything That Rises... Continue Reading →

Until I am not

My father is ill, and the idea of losing him makes me wonder about my place in the world. However here’s the thing; I’ve realized that I don’t believe I have a place in the world, other than the fact that I am here and I’ve created one. I don’t belong here, in the sense... Continue Reading →

Karma Confusion

I know that in the west we have a different idea of karma. The original idea, as far as I've learned, has to do with the relation between our past lives and our present one. I will certainly put the wrong words to this, but I believe the idea is that we 'pay' for our... Continue Reading →

So we didn’t die…

I was tired and let my boyfriend drive. He fell asleep at the wheel. I woke up from napping in the passenger seat to see a wall of cement hurtling towards us. We didn't kill anyone. We didn't kill ourselves. The only damages to the car is a bent rim and a ruined tire. I... Continue Reading →

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