Time (and time again)

It's a wonderful thing to have time, but no one really does. If you think about how short life is, how few times you will do the things you love, or see the ones who matter most to you, it seems like those things are always around until they're not. Time has changed for me... Continue Reading →

The Jury is Still Out

I'm not sure about the "karma" on this one. I'm turning gray. It's kind of pretty sometimes. I'm getting the sort of streaks that I admired in my step-mother, starting at the crown of my head and going under by my ears. Her graying was beautiful. Mine is okay. Sometimes I like to back it... Continue Reading →

Ups and Sideways

Not really sure where my luck is at the moment. I had a brief stop to run errands today that was very efficient. Then I had an annoying moment with something I bought not working and not being able to return it. Which part makes it a good day or a mediocre one? There are... Continue Reading →

Be in with the In-Crowd!

I know what I want to do for a New Year resolution! I want to try to do something kind every single day of 2021. It can be something small, like over-tipping (if we ever get to eat out again), or something bigger, like volunteering time or going to see my friend who lost his... Continue Reading →

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