The Jury is Still Out

I'm not sure about the "karma" on this one. I'm turning gray. It's kind of pretty sometimes. I'm getting the sort of streaks that I admired in my step-mother, starting at the crown of my head and going under by my ears. Her graying was beautiful. Mine is okay. Sometimes I like to back it... Continue Reading →

Ups and Sideways

Not really sure where my luck is at the moment. I had a brief stop to run errands today that was very efficient. Then I had an annoying moment with something I bought not working and not being able to return it. Which part makes it a good day or a mediocre one? There are... Continue Reading →

Be in with the In-Crowd!

I know what I want to do for a New Year resolution! I want to try to do something kind every single day of 2021. It can be something small, like over-tipping (if we ever get to eat out again), or something bigger, like volunteering time or going to see my friend who lost his... Continue Reading →


I never thought about the word "resolution". As my cousin says, "If only there were a tool that would tell us this?" (and then pulls out his smartphone). I found this excellent summary: The Etymology of "Resolution" by a Jess Zafarris. She writes that " 'Resolution' is from the Latin solvere 'to loosen, release, explain.'... Continue Reading →

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