A Quick Happy New Year

If anyone wants to get into any accounts I’ve started recently, all the passwords are variations on ‘Let 2022 be a Better Year’. COVID be gone!! As my friend wrote: Omicron in LA: The Christmas fruitcake that no one wants, but keep giving to each other anyway. So stay safe! Foro, with a view of... Continue Reading →

The Neighbor Ladies

I had a whiny post started, but deleted it. This is the holidays! No time for whining! So I got rid of the post and went for a walk with Foro, who met the ladies who live next door: Foro and the neighbor ladies! He enjoyed our walk, and I did, too. It was warm... Continue Reading →


After a week of snow, it's finally sunny again, and it makes such a big difference! Yesterday I took advantage of my new reading space on my balcony and read in the sun...which degenerated into a lovely nap, all the while soaking up some vitamin D. It was warm enough to be outside for lunch... Continue Reading →

New Religions

I've realized that it is impossible to talk to people about vaccines at the moment, not because of the vaccines themselves, but because the question is now a matter of faith. It's like trying to talk a Protestant into becoming Catholic or a Sunni into becoming a Shia Muslim. People's faith is never based on... Continue Reading →

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