Mad about Meaness

Something is bothering me. I moved into my village five years ago. I was getting a divorce and had no friends there yet, and even though I loved the place I was moving to, it was still lonely. I had to get used to a long commute and make a lot of decisions as a... Continue Reading →

Exchange, Repair, Recycle

I've been emptying out my apartment to rent it while I'm traveling. It's a good excuse to go through things, get rid of things, fix things or get them fixed. It's been a bit intense, though, since I've found old photos of other lives I've lived, letters from my father, who passed away in 2020,... Continue Reading →


I stayed home to grade papers this weekend, instead of seeing my partner. It would have been hard for him to have any fun at my place, and it was his turn to come visit me. But now I'm done! My life is almost my own for the whole next year. Ok, there's this detail... Continue Reading →


Just watching the clouds go by. There's rain falling in the valley just across from me. It rained a bit here before. I'm just sitting on my balcony. I reached the work goal that I set out for myself today and now it's time just to sit and listen to the crickets. It would be... Continue Reading →

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