This was the name of the film I saw last night, about bringing meditation to the classroom. As a film, it was only okay: a bit repetitive. There were many different classrooms and learning situations (a juvenile detention facility, a school in a poor neighborhood, a private school, a service offered for homeless kids and... Continue Reading →

You can get anything you want…..

My friend said there are no good Thanksgiving jokes, or for the ones that exist, they're just not that funny. I tried a few and only one that got a snigger. What's the best song to sing while making Thanksgiving dinner? It's all about that baste. (Yeah, I know) We all know, of course, that... Continue Reading →

All good

I left my bag full of groceries on the train yesterday. I also (I think) invalidated my train pass while trying to do a name change (I’m going back to my maiden name.) There were other stupidities during the day both those were the big ones. And thanks to Foro, my zen master trainer, I... Continue Reading →


This week there's a task for any readers of Forolavache; find things to be joyful about. Not only that, but try to find three things per day all week! Example: this morning, there was a woman singing Christmas carols in a coffee shop. She didn't sing particularly well (on key, at least!), but it made... Continue Reading →

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