Dancing With Myself

Thursday was a miserable day, weather-wise. It rained all day on old snow that was three feet thick. There was no way to walk off the roads in the woods. Almost none of the activities that I do to quickly get some exercise (and get back to work) were on the table. The swimming pool... Continue Reading →

Chinese Man

There was a funny story I heard once. A man was traveling with a friend in China, and he got up from his cherished seat on a long, long train ride (more than a few hours) for an elderly gentlemen to sit down. His Chinese friend was furious. "Why did you get up? You had... Continue Reading →

You can get anything you want…..

My friend said there are no good Thanksgiving jokes, or for the ones that exist, they're just not that funny. I tried a few and only one that got a snigger. What's the best song to sing while making Thanksgiving dinner? It's all about that baste. (Yeah, I know) We all know, of course, that... Continue Reading →

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