Worstest Hits

We are finally leaving Morocco, but until I'm on the ferry and the ferry has left the port, I'm not counting on anything. The country might still want to hurt me. We are in the waiting room at the port in Tanger. Here's a thing about traveling by ferry when you don't have a car.... Continue Reading →

The Taming of the Shrew

There are often students who wake me up at night. Sometimes it's because I'm worried about them, but sometimes it's because they're annoying. Back in the past, I had one student who I would truly classify as evil; he liked making other students cry, like, that made him happy. He kept me up at night,... Continue Reading →

Spread the Love

My first serious boyfriend just died. He was quite literally a waste of space. I went out with him when you could still believe someone is going to grow up and do something with their lives, but he never did. I don't remember what we talked about (we must have talked?) or what we liked... Continue Reading →

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