The Chill

So I'm in California and it's been....interesting. I was hoping for a more relaxing time, to chill, but my friend here is not in a good way and there seems to be nothing that helps. California is a place where a significant part of the population has put mental and physical health to the forefront.... Continue Reading →

The Beetle

My partner got my flu (it was Christmas and I had nothing to give him, and it's good to share everything, right?) He's feeling better today but for two days he was really knocked out. The first day I went for a long walk, much longer than I had thought I would. I thought I... Continue Reading →

Watch, Listen and Ask Questions

There are many ways to travel. You can take everything with you and leave nothing behind, or you can leave little pieces of yourself as you go, add new things, and find yourself in a new place at the end. Foro was left in Marrakech. My friend who is organizing our trek has arranged for... Continue Reading →

Things I learned while in Quarantine

I'm going back to my life tomorrow. I'm a bit stressed because even though the health authorities have informed me that I can, should, and have to back to work, my self-tests are still coming up positive. I'll do another before leaving in the morning, but I'm worried about passing COVID on to someone. They've... Continue Reading →

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