Things I learned while in Quarantine

I'm going back to my life tomorrow. I'm a bit stressed because even though the health authorities have informed me that I can, should, and have to back to work, my self-tests are still coming up positive. I'll do another before leaving in the morning, but I'm worried about passing COVID on to someone. They've... Continue Reading →

Vaccing Eloquent

The jabs are coming! Long live the jabbed! It's slower in some places than others, but think about this; this time last year, we didn't know how dangerous this COVID-19 virus was going to be. Many places shut down in a panic, and there were those images of the Milan area in Italy, with people... Continue Reading →

To Smoke or not to Be

My friend (and ex-husband) had an operation this week. He had a black spot in his lungs and the surgeon went in and chopped out part of a lobe. When the black part was tested, it was cancer. The operation apparently went well and he won't need chemotherapy, or at least not yet. Just for... Continue Reading →

So I Can’t Pray

My step-sister is ill with COVID. She’s a nurse. She asked me to pray for her, but I can’t pray. God for me is what’s left after our understanding of the world has reached its limit. It’s black matter. It’s space. It’s light years. I believe that God is made by man, and not the... Continue Reading →

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