The Lows

I almost stayed in bed today. Not from physical illness, but from a mental state that left me unprepared to deal with life. But I went to work. I had no reason not to. I wonder when it might be possible to accept taking a sick day because your brain is underwater with...whatever. I haven't... Continue Reading →

Life of a Naturalist

I met with a friend this weekend to go bird watching. It was a gray weekend and my partner's ankle is sprained so we can't climb. There wasn't much else to do. The three of us wandered along in a nature preserve and looked mostly at water fowl, since just about everything else has gone... Continue Reading →

A Cow in Every Port

I have to fess up to something. Sometimes when I'm photographing Foro for the blog, it's actually someone else. I now have three Foros. Actually, one original Foro (who is, of course, the cutest) but two that I call "Forina" and one that my partner calls "Loco". If you count that, that's actually four stuffed... Continue Reading →

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