Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?

In the town where I work there are as many new restaurants and cafés as ones who have closed during pandemic times. I tried out a new TexMex place and ordered a quesadilla. The woman asked me what I wanted on it, and when I replied "Nothing", she called back "One cheese quesadilla!" (As opposed... Continue Reading →

The Powerhouse of the Cell

In addition to losing the sense of taste and smell with the Coronavirus, these days it seems that we've collectively lost our sense of humor. Not that we don't laugh, but there are just so many things that aren't funny at the moment. More than usual, with a global pandemic raging for which we will... Continue Reading →

La Dolce Vita

Foro is on vacation with old friends. Life is beautiful. We’re playing card games at night, and visiting places during the day. It rains enough that sometimes we can just stay in bed, but not so much that we feel stir crazy. For a few moments, we can forget Corona (although I keep a mask... Continue Reading →

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