The weather where I live has become very hot. Here are the best things about it: ice cream. swimming in poolsswimming in lakesafternoon napssaladseating outsidelate night walks in the cool airearly morning walks before the sun arriveseveryone is in a good moodsummer storms Foro's favorite is number 11, going up to the mountains where it's... Continue Reading →

So we didn’t die…

I was tired and let my boyfriend drive. He fell asleep at the wheel. I woke up from napping in the passenger seat to see a wall of cement hurtling towards us. We didn't kill anyone. We didn't kill ourselves. The only damages to the car is a bent rim and a ruined tire. I... Continue Reading →

Post Tenebras Lux

Foro came home with me this week. When I keep him at home with me all the time, I get a bit silly over him. I mean, he's a stuffed cow and it's not like I'm a kid. So I carry him over to my partner's place and he stays there for a week. The... Continue Reading →

He, She, It

Foro got his name from a typo. My German speaking friend wrote "Foro" instead of "Foto" and I asked, 'What's a Foro, a female toro?' And my little friend the stuffed cow was christened. I still use "he" to talk about Foro, but he is not a he, nor a she. This "he" seems to... Continue Reading →

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