I know why the caged cow smells…

The name of the rose is.....Foro 'Does a cow smell?' This is confusing; can a cow smell something or does a cow smell of something? "Of course they do" for both questions; cows have pretty big noses for smelling things and everything smells of something, even if the odor is ever so faint. But "Do... Continue Reading →

He, She, It

Foro got his name from a typo. My German speaking friend wrote "Foro" instead of "Foto" and I asked, 'What's a Foro, a female toro?' And my little friend the stuffed cow was christened. I still use "he" to talk about Foro, but he is not a he, nor a she. This "he" seems to... Continue Reading →

Testing Days

Foro is no help with languages. His strength is his silence. However, languages are my thing. I just finished two days of testing kids in English, and now it's my turn in German. I signed up for a Goethe Institute exam which takes place today. Foro declines...... It's funny how some of my students approach... Continue Reading →

Foro has a question

So, I have a lot of time to think, and read. Lots of books hanging around the house, some more or less interesting than others. She has some good taste, my friend (a Sandman omnibus, some Marianne Moore, and a lot of Graham Greene. She has the Harry Potter series, too, but she tends to... Continue Reading →

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