Most people immediately think of faith in God (or gods). I've realized how much our lives are based on faith, but not in a religious way at all. Take money. It used to be connected to gold (as in worth its weight in gold, or a gold standard). Gold can be used for things, other... Continue Reading →

I know why the caged cow smells…

The name of the rose is.....Foro 'Does a cow smell?' This is confusing; can a cow smell something or does a cow smell of something? "Of course they do" for both questions; cows have pretty big noses for smelling things and everything smells of something, even if the odor is ever so faint. But "Do... Continue Reading →

He, She, It

Foro got his name from a typo. My German speaking friend wrote "Foro" instead of "Foto" and I asked, 'What's a Foro, a female toro?' And my little friend the stuffed cow was christened. I still use "he" to talk about Foro, but he is not a he, nor a she. This "he" seems to... Continue Reading →

Testing Days

Foro is no help with languages. His strength is his silence. However, languages are my thing. I just finished two days of testing kids in English, and now it's my turn in German. I signed up for a Goethe Institute exam which takes place today. Foro declines...... It's funny how some of my students approach... Continue Reading →

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