After a week of snow, it's finally sunny again, and it makes such a big difference! Yesterday I took advantage of my new reading space on my balcony and read in the sun...which degenerated into a lovely nap, all the while soaking up some vitamin D. It was warm enough to be outside for lunch... Continue Reading →

Indian Summer

One of the things I love about this blog is the occasion to learn and share new things, so this time it's about Indian summer. The last week has been wonderful, quite cool but crisp with great visibility in the mountains. I was able to hike and climb, and one of the climbs was called... Continue Reading →

Things Got a Little Sunny

I haven't written in two weeks, which is not the norm. Forolavache is like a glass of cool water on a summer day for me, and I love writing here. With the blog, my goal is to do my best to add one small drop of hope or kindness to the world, for whatever its... Continue Reading →


Foro and I have been searching for sun the last two days. We live in a place with fogs in low lying areas, and the trick is to get up above it (hills might do it, mountains might be needed). Yesterday I thought I'd screwed up. I parked the car and started walking up in... Continue Reading →

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