Despite the idea that "home" is wherever I am with Foro, I actually do have a home. I've lived for two years and two months in the mountains. It is not practical, but it is cheap. I moved up to the sun. That said, I also rent a room with a friend in the city... Continue Reading →

The Heat Wave

Foro not only stays cool, he is cool. The world is too hot where I live. That is to say, it's hotter than it's been before, and hotter than it "should" be. There‘s only one good way to deal with it and that’s not to fight it. Mad dogs and Englishmen, and all that. Foro... Continue Reading →


The weather where I live has become very hot. Here are the best things about it: ice cream. swimming in poolsswimming in lakesafternoon napssaladseating outsidelate night walks in the cool airearly morning walks before the sun arriveseveryone is in a good moodsummer storms Foro's favorite is number 11, going up to the mountains where it's... Continue Reading →

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