Revenge might be a dish best served cold, but a dehydrated soup packet is only made tolerable by heat....and the stove broke. We had it all planned. We wanted to do climb with a two hour approach, the days are shorter this time of year (and there were no places to stay close by), so... Continue Reading →

Old People Climbing

One of the nice things about being an older climber (just writing that makes me want to gag, but unfortunately it's truer than I would like) is that we can re-do the same climbs and not remember them until about halfway through. Example: "I climbed this super exposed bit once and swore I would never... Continue Reading →

Portigliolo, Corisca

After climbing around Corte area for nearly a week, the weather has been unstable in the "mountains" for the last few days. (I write "mountains" because the highest point on Corsica is 2706 meters, which is about the height of the hill next to my apartment back home. However, if there is humidity passing by,... Continue Reading →


We arrived last Friday, and my partner's youngest daughter was here already with her partner on vacation. She's pregnant, and due in February, and we spent a couple of days just visiting and hiking. It was lovely to hang out with them. Then we got down to business. My partner has a "test piece": a... Continue Reading →

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