The Beetle

My partner got my flu (it was Christmas and I had nothing to give him, and it's good to share everything, right?) He's feeling better today but for two days he was really knocked out. The first day I went for a long walk, much longer than I had thought I would. I thought I... Continue Reading →


It is dry here in the mountains of Morocco, so there are few insects, few birds. There is the scuttling sound of a beetle, or a cricket from time to time, maybe a lizard will come out to warm himself in the sun but he makes no noise. Some people must have found themselves enchanted... Continue Reading →

Watch, Listen and Ask Questions

There are many ways to travel. You can take everything with you and leave nothing behind, or you can leave little pieces of yourself as you go, add new things, and find yourself in a new place at the end. Foro was left in Marrakech. My friend who is organizing our trek has arranged for... Continue Reading →

Marrakech, the Beignets are in town

I’ve decided to call us Mr and Ms Beignet, which is a little pastry with flour and eggs and different sorts of fillings. There’s an expression in French that goes ‘se faire rouler dans la farine’ which means ‘to be taken advantage of. We are the Beignets! We’re doing our best, but I haven’t had... Continue Reading →

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