We're still in Greece, and having to dodge the weather a bit in order to climb. We spent four days in Leonidio. We stayed in a hotel with the most beautiful view I've ever had in my life. That said, the room was tiny and run down. There was a shower base but no curtain... Continue Reading →

The Ratings

We're back climbing, this time trying out a newly bolted area called Manikia in Greece. The climbing is lovely as many new sites can be; nothing is slippery from overuse. You can kind of see where other people have put their feet, and sometimes there's a bit of chalk on holds, but that's about it.... Continue Reading →


We’re on the move again! Last week I had the flu. It also became rainy and colder, and my days were spent in a feverish mix of sleeping and waking. On the one hand, it was nice to be sick and not to have to work through it. On the other, I lost my sense... Continue Reading →

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