The Mars Rover

I went on a hike last week in the Alps. I think going up there in the summer is going to be about as sad as reading the news soon; the area has been so ravaged by climate change. There are heavy scars where glaciers used to be, and dry, crispy grass where there used... Continue Reading →

Life of a Naturalist

I met with a friend this weekend to go bird watching. It was a gray weekend and my partner's ankle is sprained so we can't climb. There wasn't much else to do. The three of us wandered along in a nature preserve and looked mostly at water fowl, since just about everything else has gone... Continue Reading →

Indian Summer

One of the things I love about this blog is the occasion to learn and share new things, so this time it's about Indian summer. The last week has been wonderful, quite cool but crisp with great visibility in the mountains. I was able to hike and climb, and one of the climbs was called... Continue Reading →

Green Things

Spring has finally worked its way up my hill, and it's beautiful. I live quite high up, (around 4,400 ft or 1350 meters). While it's been full of flowers down in the valley for a few months already, the mountain flowers just coming out, at least at my height. The true, higher-up mountain pastures are... Continue Reading →

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