Watch, Listen and Ask Questions

There are many ways to travel. You can take everything with you and leave nothing behind, or you can leave little pieces of yourself as you go, add new things, and find yourself in a new place at the end. Foro was left in Marrakech. My friend who is organizing our trek has arranged for... Continue Reading →

Accident de Personne

This odd choice of words is used when a train kills someone. Usually it's a suicide, but it can be also when a train hits a worker or some other accident occurs. Yesterday (we were already late for the ferry to Tanger, Morocco from Marseille), there was an "accident de personne" on the TGV line,... Continue Reading →


We're still in Greece, and having to dodge the weather a bit in order to climb. We spent four days in Leonidio. We stayed in a hotel with the most beautiful view I've ever had in my life. That said, the room was tiny and run down. There was a shower base but no curtain... Continue Reading →

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