The Flood

Last night it rained so hard there were animals walking around in pairs asking if anyone knew a guy named Noah? It was fierce and heavy, then just heavy, then became occasional spitting showers as the sun came up. There will be no climbing today for us after that! Knowing that the rain was coming,... Continue Reading →


We're still in Greece, and having to dodge the weather a bit in order to climb. We spent four days in Leonidio. We stayed in a hotel with the most beautiful view I've ever had in my life. That said, the room was tiny and run down. There was a shower base but no curtain... Continue Reading →

The Ratings

We're back climbing, this time trying out a newly bolted area called Manikia in Greece. The climbing is lovely as many new sites can be; nothing is slippery from overuse. You can kind of see where other people have put their feet, and sometimes there's a bit of chalk on holds, but that's about it.... Continue Reading →

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