Yoga Teacher Training

This is the last day of an intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training in Alicante, Spain, which started for me in early March. There’s both a lot to say, and not much. It was difficult for me sometimes. It is intensive. At age 54, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate all day long, and there... Continue Reading →


I’m on my way with Foro to a yoga teacher training in Alicante. It starts Monday. I left early because I needed to take trains, and more importantly needed to make connections in France, and in the past that hasn’t always worked out so well. The result is that I’ve just spent a truly wonderful... Continue Reading →

Calm before the Calm

Next week, I start moving again after a full month of half relaxing, half taking German lessons. The German is doing better; I can understand quite a bit and I just need to keep at it. I'll see how I can manage to fit it in to my life when I go back to work,... Continue Reading →

Sydney, and LaMDA

Becky Chamber's first addition to her future "Monk and Robot" series is a fave of mine. This from Goodreads for A Psalm for the Wild-Built: "Centuries before, robots of Panga gained self-awareness, laid down their tools, wandered, en masse into the wilderness, never to be seen again. They faded into myth and urban legend." I... Continue Reading →

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