It seems to be slowing, in the places that it was going the fastest. COVID-19 might become something for which most humans will have a resistance. That said, it hasn't even begun to hit the poorest areas yet, the shanty-towns, the favellas.... But there is hope. The radio played Henry Mancini's theme song for Peter... Continue Reading →


The irony of the Corona world we live in is that I've never been healthier, or personally happier. I'll add in the caveats right away; I'm scared for my family and the world, I'm sad that so many people are suffering and that so many have lost their jobs and/or their loved ones. It's entirely... Continue Reading →

Déjà Vu

I've had many moments, with the quarantine, of déjà vu. And then I realized, I've done more or less the same thing for the last two weeks; I actually have done whatever-it-was before. And will do it many times again. Once again, I'm sitting at my spot in the living room, drinking tea, with Foro... Continue Reading →

The Sound of My Heart Breaking

Who can think of anything else at the moment but THE BUG? Covid-19. Coronavirus. I look at the statistics in the morning, and watch the US climb by a hundred deaths a day. David Sedaris once wrote that in the US, Americans were taught to think "We're number 1!" without ever thinking that no other... Continue Reading →

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