Most people immediately think of faith in God (or gods). I've realized how much our lives are based on faith, but not in a religious way at all. Take money. It used to be connected to gold (as in worth its weight in gold, or a gold standard). Gold can be used for things, other... Continue Reading →

Don’t be Afraid

My school was in a "temporary" building that had been there since the 1950's. It was finally rebuilt in 2008. The old building had its charm, however, because the kids decorated the outside with art projects (officially) and graffiti (unofficially). My favorite was on the wall just as you approached the school: happiness is only... Continue Reading →

Love is in the Air

My friend asked me if it was weird to listen to her neighbors having an orgasm on a Sunday morning. But of course not! Make love, not war. Make love not CO2. Make love and walk around in a kind of post-coital blissful kind of way. If there were more people out there happily making... Continue Reading →

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