So much water so close to home

This is a story by Raymond Carver. I'll summarize it here, briefly and from memory because I haven't read it for a while: A bunch of men went fishing and found a young woman in the river. She was dead, but I don't remember why (drowning or some other cause). They figured that she was... Continue Reading →


So funerals have been closed to those outside of the family, but for a while, it wasn't possible to buy a sympathy card because it wasn't considered to be "essential". I wasn't sure how to deal with that, as I don't draw very well, so I snuck one out from under the tape and paid... Continue Reading →

Zen and cows

I dream of elephants and hippos when I'm happy. I guess for me pachyderms are synonymous with joy, or maybe it's just that they're big, and when I'm happy I think of big things. They're not huggable. They're dangerous, in real life, but when I'm happy, I dream of living with a small elephant, and... Continue Reading →


This was the title of the film I saw yesterday. It was about a Nigerian woman working as a prostitute in Vienna, Austria. It was hard to see, but the film was very, very well done. It reminds me that in spite of our Corona worries, there are many, many other things in the world... Continue Reading →

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