So I've got this sabbatical year coming up. (Before going any further, yes, I know how privileged I am to even have the possibility to consider this). My job is guaranteed when I come back (hopefully in the school I was in before, because I would hate to go somewhere else, but there are many... Continue Reading →

Flax Facts

I missed the boat on an earlier version of this post; it should have been called "flaxing eloquent". Or maybe not. It wasn't intentional, but I wound up looking into how linen was made and found a treasure trove of lovely vocabulary. (Sources are noted below) Flax is harvested in order to extract fibers to... Continue Reading →

Cows on Parade

I know that cows are not wonderful for the environment. Or actually, cows are fine, but we have too many of them. We have too many people, actually. That's almost a chicken and egg thing, except that there's no doubt that too many people brought on the problem of too many cows. I was never... Continue Reading →

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