Foro goes a-wandering: Bern

I started writing a blog because I had no one to talk to about my divorce, and life was crazy and confusing. It helped. I archived the site and saved the posts on my personal computer, but they are no longer available. That iteration was completely anonymous. Then I started writing with Foro, my little... Continue Reading →

The Love Boat

I am part of the generation that was raised by television. Saturday nights was The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Both are about imagining another, happier place where everything always works out in the end. It's appealing. So I watched an old episode on YouTube and it was so...kind. It gave me a sad feeling... Continue Reading →

Easter Bunnies

My friends have three rabbits. They have had rabbits for years and get them from an animal rescue place. They've set up their lawn so that the rabbits can run around outside. They still have to be watched, no so much because the bunnies might get out but because as we were sitting there watching... Continue Reading →

April Fool’s

I wish that so many things were April Fool's jokes, that someone would say "Hey, we were just kidding." No more wars, no more conflicts, no more fake news turning people against each other. My favorite April Fool's day jokes come from Sweden, like when they announced the fusion of Sweden and Switzerland into "Swedenland"... Continue Reading →

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