The Taming of the Shrew

There are often students who wake me up at night. Sometimes it's because I'm worried about them, but sometimes it's because they're annoying. Back in the past, I had one student who I would truly classify as evil; he liked making other students cry, like, that made him happy. He kept me up at night,... Continue Reading →

What do cows do when it rains?

I remember getting out a book from the library when I was about ten. It was called, What do butterflies do when it rains? I thought that it was a good question. I remember the story being very poetic, talking about what all the other animals under the sun do when it rains, "Monkeys do... Continue Reading →

He, She, It

Foro got his name from a typo. My German speaking friend wrote "Foro" instead of "Foto" and I asked, 'What's a Foro, a female toro?' And my little friend the stuffed cow was christened. I still use "he" to talk about Foro, but he is not a he, nor a she. This "he" seems to... Continue Reading →


So this morning, Foro and I woke up to cow bells (we live in a country where cows have bells, apparently to find them if they've slid off the mountain.) Foro being contemplative. Cows are tormented creatures. Here they have the bells, which must be pretty annoying. But they also have flies. Flies in their... Continue Reading →

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