A Bad Joke

My partner asked if there’s any way to end a relationship in a happy way. I said that if you wanted to kill your ex- and they died, that might make you happy. Foro just shakes his head at me.... Foro, laughing in spite of himself

Foro’s Life Hacks

Here are 5 things to help you reduce stress Schedule things: we get stressed when we can't finish things we've started, simply because they're going to take more time than we can manage in one sitting. When you get as far as you can get with something, schedule time to finish the rest. Be realistic,... Continue Reading →

Yoga for Disappointment

I was frustrated today for many, banal things. It was objectively a good day; I'm healthy, my partner is healthy, my family is doing well. So no real problems. But there were niggling problems. They were about to get the better of me when I realized that I still wanted/needed to do my daily yoga.... Continue Reading →

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