Help is On the Way

Today was frustrating, to say the least. I'm taking computer courses. This I need to put into context. I'm 52 years old, I already have a profession that I enjoy, and I don't need to be doing this. But I am. This particular course is about how computer languages are structured and it's being taught... Continue Reading →

COVID Afterlife

One of my students spent last weekend in the hospital with an arthritic crisis, arm and jaw blocked into place and extreme pain, and apparently this was due to his COVID illness back in November. I don't know anything about the mechanisms of how this works, just how his father reported what the doctor said.... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

I have so many wishes for the next year! But it always comes down to the same wish I've made on my birthday candles for many years: health and happiness for me and all the ones I love. (Now that I've written my wish, does that mean it won't come true?) Maybe Foro should say... Continue Reading →

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